Kashke Bademjan 

Sauteed eggplant topped with sauteed garlic, mint, onion & kashk (whey). $10



Chickpeas blended with tahini and garlic. $8

masto khiyar

Yogurt and chopped cucumbers blended with fresh herbs, raisins and walnuts. $10

masto boorani

Yogurt mixed with fresh spinach. $9

mast mousir

yogurt mixed with fresh chopped shallots. $9

french fries

Regular restaurant style fries. $6

Shahi special fries

Regular restaurant style fries. $9


Cooked grape leaves filled with rice and fresh herbs. $9

ash reshteh

Traditional persian soup mixed with noodles and beans. Small $6/ Large $10

tomato soup

Organic tomatoes mixed with tomato sauce and special seasoning. Small $6/ Large $10

Shahi's trio platter

Your choice of three appetizers. $22


main course

beef koobideh

One skewer of ground beef, grilled to perfection served with saffron rice or side salad. One $12/ Two $16

shahpasand kabob

Beef filet marinated in a traditional persian seasoning grilled to perfection served with saffron rice or a side salad. $25

salmon kabob

One skewer of salmon kabob marinated in our special sauce, grilled to perfection served with saffron rice or a side salad. $19

kabob torsh

Special filet kabob marinated with herbs, walnuts and pomegranate molasses served with saffron rice or a side salad. $30

chicken tender kabob

Boneless chicken breast marinated with our special sauce grilled to perfection served with saffron rice or side salad. $19

shahnameh kabob

Combination of one skewer of koobideh and one skeewer of filet kabob, served with saffron rice or a side salad.

Stew of the day

Ghorme sabzi, Gheymeh Badmjan, or Fesenjoon. $11-13

rack of lamb

Rack of lamb marinated in our special sauce served with saffron rice or a side salad. $30

shahi family style

(serves 6-8 people)

Two skewers of chicken tender, two beef koobideh, and two shish kabob, served with veggies, saffron rice, salad, fries, and hummus.


koobideh kabob sandwich

One skewer of beef koobideh mixed with onions, tomatoes and cilantro. $14


vegetable sandwich

Green kale, broccoli, red onions, mini bell peppers. $12

crispy fish filet sandwich

Crispy battered white fish, red cabbage, coleslaw and baby swiss on a brioche bun. $14

saffron chicken sandwich

Pulled saffron chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and avocado mixed with basil sauce served on a baguette bread. $14

philly cheese steak

Thinly sliced steak, mushrooms, bell peppers and red onions mixed with melted cheese on a baguette bread. $14

impossible burger

Impossible burger topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo. $14



Kale & cabbage salad

Green kale, white cabbage, black raisins, toasted almonds, organic red quinoa, parmesan cheese served with our special lemon dressing. $14

Cesar salad

Crisp romaine with shaved parmesan and house made garlic croutons. $10

Green mix salad

Spring green mix, organic cucumber, cherry tomato mixed with our house dressing. $8

Shirazi salad

A bowl of chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and parsley with virgin olive oil and fresh lime juice dressing. $8

cold drinks

coke- $4 (fountain) / $3 (can)

carbonated dough- $4

ice tea- $3

cucumber sekanjebin- $7

chia seed drink- $7

perrier water- $4

fresh orange juice- $4


baklava- $3

saffron ice cream with faloodeh- $10

fresh pastry- $7

hot drinks

persian hot tea- $3 (free refills)

saffron tea- $5

cardamom and cinnamon tea- $5

green tea- $4

chamomile tea- $4

turkish coffee- $4

latte- $5


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